iPhone 3g, take two

August 31, 2008 at 2:23 pm Leave a comment

I seemed to be cursed by Apple demons.  The first iPod I bought didn’t work out of the box.  The first iPod shuffle I got (the original gum pack one) was extremely slow to load and couldn’t play for more than an hour without the volume fading slowly to silence.  Still, I seem to keep the Apple-faith.

My two week old iPhone 3g was on the kitchen counter while I was making breakfast.  It beeped, perhaps as a last gasp before turning itself into handsomely designed paper weight.  Resetting the phone got me no further than the Apple logo.  Online support gets as far as resetting the phone, but assumes the phone boots.  Finding the tech support phone number wasn’t obvious (thankfully I have a landline).  The automated system tries to get you to reset the phone.  It cleverly puts you on hold while you’re supposed to be booting the phone.

The human was more helpful and tried to get the phone into a mode where iTunes can reload the firmware.  After a couple of tries, iTunes still couldn’t see the phone so the support fellow suggested heading to the genius bar at my local Apple store.  The store downtown (Stockton St.) didn’t have an appointment until late afternoon tomorrow but fortunately for me San Francisco is blessed with more than one store.  The Apple store at Stonestown Galleria had an appointment in 45 minutes.

A 10 minute walk and 20 minute outbound M-Ocean ride later, I’m at the store.  The genius can’t do much with my phone either and hands me off to one of his blue shirted colleagues to activate a replacement.  You need some information off your original receipt to do an exchange, so have your printed receipt handy.  Happily, my receipt was sitting in my gmail account.

So, I’m iPhone-ing again.  Hopefully my second iPhone 3g lasts longer than my first one.


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